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Each skin layer of cancer is carefully examined under a microscope, until no cancer cells are left. This procedure is most commonly performed on the face, as this area is predominantly affected by skin cancer or "basal cell carcinoma." Depending on the size and extent of the cancer, the excision can result in small or large areas of skin and tissue loss, leaving behind a disfigured scar or defect. Mohs Reconstruction is a modern plastic surgery procedure to correct and rebuild the defect site.

As a skilled facial plastic surgeon in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach, Dr. Marcus uses a multitude of precise techniques , including but not limited to:

  • primary closure
  • tissue advancement
  • tissue rotation
  • flap reconstruction
  • skin grafting

As double board-certified head and neck surgeon Dr. Marcus delivers among of best Mohs reconstruction Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach has available. His goal is not only a beautiful result, but also total preservation of all expressive function in the face.

Functional & Aesthetics Reconstruction

Benefits of Choosing Dr. Marcus for Your Mohs Reconstruction

"In the modern world of plastic surgery, it is important to not solely focus on the cosmetic aspects but to ensure the safety, health and function of the patient are not compromised," says Dr. Marcus. Not only is Dr. Marcus and double-board certified Head and Neck surgeon, but he is also an Ear Nose Throat specialist. With these spheres of knowledge, he helps his patients move forward from basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma without any defects that serve as an unkind reminder.

Dr. Marcus trained under one of the nation's most prestigious Moh's reconstruction surgeons, Dr. Shan Baker. For many years, Dr. Marcus also taught Moh's reconstructions to residents at the USC Keck School of Medicine. With his sharp eye for aesthetics and skilled surgical touch, Dr. Marcus will restore your face to its appearance prior to Mohs surgery, repairing and rebuilding your facial contours to attain maximum facial harmony and perfect function.

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Recovery and Healing

Each patient is unique and may have multiple techniques employed during Mohs reconstruction. Because of this, the recovery time varies from patient to patient, but generally one can expect to be fully recovered anywhere from 1 - 4 weeks after the procedure.

You may experience some discomfort following Mohs reconstruction. Dr. Marcus is here to help and can prescribe pain medication as needed to minimize any pain or discomfort.

While the final scar maturation may take up to one year, most patients feel the scar looks well-healed within 2 - 3 weeks of the procedure.


While the information in this website may be helpful, it will never fully relate facial plastic surgery to you. If you are interested in a facial procedure, please call our office and one of our representatives will schedule your consultation.

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