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Dr. Marcus offers a myriad of non-surgical procedures to particularly help with the treatment of scars and acne scars. You can learn more about scar removal and acne scar treatment options by visiting his medical spa site, www.marcusmedicalspa.com.

Dr. Marcus has countless success stories coming out of his Redondo Beach practice from patients who have benefited from his cutting edge scar removal techniques.

Below you will find several of these techniques used to deliver among the best scar removal Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach has to offer:

Acne Scar Removal

Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States affecting nearly 40 million Americans. Many patients have gone through the wringer trying to get rid of their acne scars with various "magic creams" or potions, but often to no avail. Anyone suffering from acne scars has felt the negative impact this can have on one's self-esteem and confidence. Fortunately, with the recent advancements in scar removal, acne scars can be greatly reduced.

Severe Acne

Patients with deeper or "ice pick" acne scars may benefit from a combination of exciting, highly effective procedures. Surgical excision is one of the most effective treatments for severe acne scars. With this technique, Dr. Marcus will surgically excise the scar, then meticulously suture the edges back together, leaving a much less noticeable scar. Microneedling is one of Dr. Marcus' favorite scar treatments since it is non-invasive and can improve scarring up to 80%. With this new advancement in acne scarring, a series of 5 treatments is recommended and each treatment will take 20-40 minutes. Patients arrive early to numb with topical creams prior to the procedure so there is minimal to no pain involved.

CO2 laser is another corrective treatment producing remarkable results. The CO2 laser removes old layers of inelastic skin and treats deeper layers of the dermis. This procedure helps to tighten and rebuild the collagen fibers deep below the epidermis. Many patients have noticed depressions and discoloration fade away entirely after just one treatment of C02 laser.

In addition, dermal fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane can be injected into the indented scar tissue, raising the skin to an even surface with the rest of the face. This particular treatment lasts approximately 8-12 months. In some cases, Dr. Marcus will perform a fat transfer by injecting excess fat into the areas of depression or indentation, creating a fuller, smoother appearance.

Mild to Moderate Acne

Patients with mild to moderate acne scarring are great candidates for dermabrasion, chemical peels or CO2 laser resurfacing. Dermabrasion uses a special high-speed instrument with a rotating tip to erode the superficial layers of skin and reach the deeper dermal layers. This treatment can successfully remove shallow scars and reduce the depth of deeper scars by stimulating new collagen synthesis in the deeper layers.

Chemical peels are also used for shallow scar removal. Dr. Marcus will carefully apply a specialized solution to the face. This will slough off the superficial layers of skin, causing regeneration of the tissue and stimulation of additional collagen layers. The result is a noticeable rejuvenated, youthful glow!

Traumatic and Surgical Scars

Most of us have at some point in our lives experienced some form of trauma, whether it be a car accident, a surgery, a burn or even a dog bite. These types of traumas can leave behind a nasty scar, often causing embarrassment and lack of confidence.

Dr. Marcus understands the emotional impact of trauma and specializes in this type of scar removal. He uses many different techniques and combinations of procedures to help eliminate unsightly scars, restoring a smooth, even appearance.

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Some of These Advanced Techniques Include

  • z-plasty
  • running w-plasty
  • geometric broken line closures
  • simple excision and re-approximation
  • These procedures will help conceal noticeable straight-line scars or scars that fall outside the camouflage of normal skin tension lines.

Often Dr. Marcus will combine the above techniques with laser, dermabrasion and chemical peels. With a careful and thorough examination of each patient, he will formulate an exact plan that best suits each individual. The results from treating these types of traumatic scars have been quite dramatic with noticeable textural improvement and reformation of pigment to white scars.

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Recovery and Healing

The recovery and healing time for scar removal utterly depends on which procedure or techniques are used on the patient. Recovery time can be anywhere from 1 week to several weeks long. Dr. Marcus will discuss this aspect with you during your private consultation.


While the information in this website may be helpful, it will never fully relate facial plastic surgery to you. If you are interested in a facial procedure, please call our office and one of our representatives will schedule your consultation.

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