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Thankfully, there’s a new option that doesn’t require invasive surgery or downtime. Meet Upneeq: the once-a-day eye drop specifically created for the treatment of low-lying eyelids.

Droopy Eyelids? A One Drop Per Day Solution – No Surgery.

Your low-lying eyelids can make your eyes appear smaller than they are and even interfere with day-to-day vision. This may affect your self-confidence or your vision. While some patients may choose to have blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, to correct low-lying eyelids, there’s now a non-invasive option. Upneeq is the first and only once daily eyedrop that is FDA approved for the treatment of blepharoptosis. Upneeq is a lovely option for patients:

  • With mild to moderate eyelid drooping
  • Who want to avoid any surgery
  • Who want to prolong the time before undergoing eyelid surgery

Bright, Lively Eyes, No Surgery Required

We know: an eyedrop that can help to open your eyes kind of sounds like science fiction, but the results are real. Within the first hour after using Upneeq, patients noticed an opening of the eye by as much as one millimeter.

While that is not as dramatic as results provided through eyelid surgery, it can make a significant difference in your vision and appearance. Your eyes display the beauty of your soul to the world. Shouldn’t the world benefit from their beauty?

Are You Ready to Look Rested and More Alert?

Dr. Keith Marcus founded Marcus Medical who is deeply committed to bringing his patients innovative procedures and the latest technologies to help them achieve their unique aesthetic vision. Marcus Medical is pleased to be among the first facilities in the United States to offer Upneeq to their distinguished clientele. This once daily drop can open your eyes, allowing you to take in the world around you with confidence.

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A Groundbreaking Formula: Non-surgical Eyelid Lifts with Upneeq

Low-lying eyelids can interfere with your field of vision causing you to miss important obstacles or details as you travel through your life. What’s more, droopy eyes can cause you to look older than you prefer or disengaged or disinterested in connecting with those you love the most. Upneeq is an eyedrop that is administered once a day for the treatment of acquired ptosis. Who knew one drop could change your life so much?

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Why Should I Choose Marcus Medical for Upneeq?

Dr. Keith Marcus prides himself in bringing the latest techniques and technologies to his client base at Marcus Medical, offering a wide variety of both surgical and non-surgical options. His expertly trained staff will immediately make you feel at ease as you enter our private, luxurious Redondo Beach facility, or our Manhattan Beach location. If you are tired of living with droopy eyelids, you have a new option. Upneeq can open your eyes and lift your spirits in the process.

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