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What is Rhinoplasty?

A rhinoplasty, or “nose job” will alter the shape or size of the central feature of your face – your nose. Dr. Marcus performs rhinoplasty in Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, and South Bay with top-level skills to create a beautifully proportioned, balanced nose that enhances your other features.

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Nose Reshaping Surgery – What Can it Do?

If the nose is unusually shaped, or unbalanced in appearance, it will draw attention off your other attractive features. A rhinoplasty, when performed by a top facial plastic surgeon, can correct a range of issues, including hump on the nose bridge, a flat or concave nose bridge, large nose tip, drooping nose tip, an asymmetrical nose, or any other aesthetic issue.

Why Rhinoplasty?

A nicely balanced nose is a dramatic enhancement to your overall facial look. Most people undergo nose-reshaping surgery for cosmetic reasons, but this custom facial plastic surgeon can deliver relief from breathing issues, sinus pressure, and a variety of other conditions associated with the inner structure. Cosmetic nose surgery can be performed in combination with other facial procedures, such as chin restructuring to create a more attractive profile.

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Who is a Good Candidate for a Rhinoplasty?

Men and women of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities choose to undergo rhinoplasty in Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, and South Bay with Dr. Marcus to enhance physical beauty or resolve restricted breathing in one or both nostrils. Teenagers as young as 14 or 15 are candidates for rhinoplasty – and when performed at Marcus Medical, you can trust that the most advanced surgical techniques are employed, with precision, to create a beautiful facial balance that lasts.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty – A Customized Approach for Superior Results

All ethnicities are candidates for rhinoplasty. While Caucasian clients typically tend to request hump and/or tip reduction, Asian, African-American and Middle Eastern patients will require an alternative, non-Westernized approach. At Marcus Medical, we perform custom ethnic rhinoplasty procedures with a difference – the goal is enhancing your most attractive facial features with precision techniques – not a cookie-cutter approach. Your surgical plan will be created specifically for you, and you can see what the changes will look like with the help of our 3D imaging system.

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Before & After Rhinoplasty

Within our photo gallery, you will discover the true meaning of Dr. Marcus’ results, helping you understand what may be in store for you.

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Health and Patient Safety

Patients undergoing rhinoplasty should be in good general health. As a doctor with personal integrity, Dr. Marcus will never suggest or perform a procedure that you don’t need. His approach to facial plastic surgery is to create a surgical plan just for you, and to perform the surgery with meticulous care and attention to detail. As a leader in the field of facial plastic surgery, he takes his responsibility to his patients very seriously, and is dedicated to achieving superior results.

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What to Expect Customized Nose Surgery for Facial Balance

Dr. Marcus does not perform ‘celebrity’ nose jobs where a patient wishes to look like a famous person. Instead, he focuses on maximizing the client’s unique assets, creating an outcome that is subtle, holistic, and beautifully natural.

What Can Rhinoplasty Address?

Rhinoplasty can treat any of the following nose problems:

  • Overly large nose
  • Hump on nose bridge
  • Flat or concave nose bridge
  • Larger nostrils
  • Nose too wide
  • Bulbous tip
  • Droopy nose tip
  • Broken or crooked nose
  • Pinched looking nose tip
  • Breathing issues

Our Surgical Approach

Rhinoplasty is accomplished by remodeling or removing excess bone and cartilage to create a more ideal shape and size. It is imperative that these procedures are performed with advanced techniques that provide the support the newly-reshaped nose requires, and to avoid the need for revision surgery.

Incision Options

Dr. Marcus may employ one of two different incision patterns for rhinoplasty at his Redondo Beach practice. An open rhinoplasty involves an incision place at the base of the columella, the strip of tissue between the nostrils. A closed rhinoplasty, with the incisions within the nose, may be appropriate in cases that only need a minor change in nose shape.

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A Highly-respected Facial Plastic Surgeon

Based on his professional experience and expertise, Dr. Marcus will determine which is the best approach for you. The custom approach to nose reshaping surgery has led to a reputation for excellence, and arguably the best nose jobs in the area. With offices in both Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach, Dr. Marcus caters to rhinoplasty patients from the entire region. Out-of-town patients are welcomed, and our friendly staff can help you plan your journey. Contact our office for more information or assistance.

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Before & Afters

Before nose surgery in Los Angeles with Dr. Marcus

After nose surgery in Los Angeles with Dr. Marcus

Before rhinoplasty in Torrance with Dr. Marcus

After rhinoplasty surgery in Torrance with Dr. Marcus

Closed vs Open Rhinoplasty

Open Nose Surgery

In an open rhinoplasty, a small incision is made on the columella, which is the narrow column of skin that separates the two nostrils. With this incision, Dr. Marcus achieves full access to the nose inner structure, which is often necessary. This approach allows for custom nose reshaping, reconstruction, or revision.

Closed Nose Surgery

A closed rhinoplasty involves incisions placed within the nose, through which the nose can be subtly reshaped to create a more ideal balance. The advantage of closed rhinoplasty is there is no scar left on the outside of the nose. This approach may be used for minor nose alterations.

Of the two techniques, open rhinoplasty is more common. It allows greater access and greater dexterity in making desired changes. However, you and Dr. Marcus will meet to determine the best method for you. The incision scar is hidden beneath your nose, and virtually invisible once healed.

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What are the Benefits of Rhinoplasty?

For men and women who are unhappy with the size and shape of their nose, rhinoplasty, otherwise known as a "nose job" can be life-changing.

The ideal nose should complement the face, rather than detract from it. That is Dr. Marcus's goal when performing rhinoplasty.

Creating a natural balance between your features can significantly improve your look, and you can experience newfound confidence. With every procedure, Dr. Marcus's goal is to deliver the best rhinoplasty in the Manhattan Beach area.

Recovery Time After a Nose Job?

To learn about the recovery process for rhinoplasty, visit our comprehensive rhinoplasty recovery educational page.

Rhinoplasty Recovery

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Why Choose Dr. Marcus?

Dr. Marcus has performed countless rhinoplasty surgeries, using both the open and closed techniques and is a leading expert in these procedures. A top professional should perform any facial plastic surgery, particularly rhinoplasty, one of the most complex of all facial surgeries. As a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Marcus is recognized as being among the leading rhinoplasty surgeons in the Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach area.

He takes great pride in his area of expertise, specializing in Primary Rhinoplasty, Revision Rhinoplasty, Male Rhinoplasty, Ethnic Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty and Non-surgical Rhinoplasty.

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It’s all about giving my patients a better quality of life.

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